What You Should Know About Tuition, Debt, and College Athletics


New Jersey Governor Chris Christie appeared on the June 14, 2015 edition of ABC’s This Week to discuss presidential politics and a number of rivaling proposals that will come before the American public during the 2016 elections cycle. Referring to George Stephanopoulos’ question about Secretary Hillary Clinton’s campaign kickout speech and education agenda,the New Jersey Governor continued:

My alternative is we have to start to put market forces on these college costs. George, you know, I pay for two college tuitions right now, one at Princeton and one at Notre Dame. And I can tell you that they’re the most opaque bills you’ll ever see in your life. If you got that bill for dinner with that little of that detail, you wouldn’t pay it. You’d send it back. Yet for college, we pay it. They need to start telling us exactly what they’re spending their money on, the money we give them. And secondly, we need to start to say unbundle that. So if a child doesn’t want to pay for all of these different things in college, they should be able to select it. That will tell colleges what they don’t need to provide and we shouldn’t have to pay for the things that we don’t want to use. That will help to contain costs.


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